Types of scaffolding

Various types of Scaffolding are being used in construction these days, but first of all what does scaffolding exactly mean?


Scaffolding is basically a temporary structure used to provide support to the original building. It also helps the workers to use it as a platform to carry out construction work and transport construction material.

Therefore, it is necessary that the scaffold is well built and strong enough to hold the weight of both construction materials and workers. Keeping in mind the safety measures and importance of scaffolds, scaffolding in Birmingham has evolved a lot.

Timber and steel are used for building scaffolds.

Scaffolding can be broadly classified into three categories:

1. Suspended

2. Supported

3. Aerial lifts

Suspended type scaffold:

In this the scaffold is suspended from the roofs using wire ropes or chains and driven by pulleys, levers and switches. Thus, it enables you to change the height of the platform easily. This can be used when you are painting or repairing a building.

Supported type scaffold:

In this the scaffold is built from the ground using lumbar and poles and erected upwards. If wheels are attached to the bottom of the support, we can make the scaffold mobile and more efficient to use on different sites. One has to mount on a ladder and the scaffold platform is built in the middle where the construction work is to be performed.

Aerial lifts:

Aerial lifts are just like our lifts in function that is they can be lifted to different heights. They are used for short term projects or maintenance and repairing. Shackles are used to avoid accidental falling of aerial lifts from hooks.

Scaffolding in Birmingham is varied and updated as per the requirements of the customer. Many small and big companies give excellent advice and top quality material for scaffolding.